Hi, I’m Tui.

I am a mummy to two young daughters.

I am also a marketer, with twelve years spent in the corporate world before babies arrived.

And I’m a motivator: it’s a natural desire in me to coach, motivate and activate people (myself included!).

Dear Mummy is like my third child! It began as a book, which is the cornerstone of the Dear Mummy brand. Given who I am, this book has been – and all future writing will be – written from a place of both empathy and practicality, as I have applied my experience, business lessons and personal development to our journey as mummies.

I’ve written this book for myself as much as you. We are important too. I hope in reading it, and joining the conversation, you feel pride and love for yourself, and that the mother in you and the you in you, shines brightly, strongly, confidently.