Anzac Day biscuity bites

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Did you know that women should wear their poppy on their right side? The red represents the blood of all those who gave their lives, the black represents the mourning of those who didn’t have their loved ones return home, and the green leaf represents the grass and crops growing and future prosperity after the war destroyed so much. The leaf should be positioned at 11 o’clock to represent the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the time that World War One formally ended.


I didn’t know that. It’s nice to learn new things, and I’m constantly doing so in the kitchen. In honour of this coming Anzac Day and the long weekend we get to indulge in, I’ve done what I usually do and thrown a handful of ingredients into a food processor to concoct what I’m calling Anzac Day biscuity bites. They’re not very biscuity; not crunchy, but the inspiration was from the original biscuit’s ingredients so it’s only right to honour the name, as we do the New Zealanders and Australians who fought for us and died on Anzac Day. Perhaps you might whip these up and enjoy them with a cup of tea whilst remembering them. Lest we forget.


This recipe is a zesty, refined sugar free variation on the sweeter original flavour.


Anzac Day biscuity-bites

Makes 15

Gather together 


1/2 cup rolled oats

1/2 cup coconut

1/4 cup almond meal

1/4 cup LSA (linseed, sesame, almond meal)

4 large dried peaches, chopped

2 tbsp brown rice malt syrup

4 tbspn water


Gather together for coating

1/4 cup cacao butter

2 tbspn cacao powder

1 tbspn maple syrup

Desiccated coconut


Whip up the bites

Throw all the dry bite ingredients into a food processor and process until combined

Take handfuls of mixture and roll into 3cm balls


Whip up the coating

Melt cacao butter over a low heat

Add maple syrup then sift in cacao powder and stir until mixed


Coat the balls as desired – I decorated some with a delicate zig zag of chocolate, some I double dipped for a full coating, and others I dipped in chocolate then rolled in coconut


Individual bites to savour this Anzac Day. Enjoy xx