Apple crumble balls

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There isn’t really a story behind this recipe. Except that I love apple crumble. And I’d eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could.


I was pondering this the other day and thought ‘well why not?’. So I pulled out all the ingredients I’d usually use in an apple crumble, and got to concocting in the usual quick-fire Dear Mummy way. And it worked! So now I CAN eat apple crumble – maybe not all day long, but certainly any time of the day or night (case in point: I’ve just had 2 now, while the kids play in the bath, prolonging bedtime as per).


These are best served with a dollop of marscapone, I think. That’s how I’ll be having my ‘one for luck’ later tonight.



Apple crumble balls

Makes 20


Photo_blog_apple crumble balls 2
The perfect snack, served here with marscapone

Gather together 

1 cup grated apple

1/2 cup desiccated coconut

1/2 cup almond meal

1/2 cup oats

4 Medjool dates, roughly chopped

2 desert spoons psyllium husk

2 desert spoons nut butter (I used My Nut Butter’s CinnamoNut flavour – so if you use a plain nut butter I’d suggest adding a tsp cinnamon to your ball mix)

2 desert spoons runny honey


Whip up 

Add all ingredients into a food processor and blitz until fully mixed



Mix together equal portions (around 2 desert spoons) desiccated coconut and coconut sugar, plus 1 tsp cinnamon

Roll balls to coat



Store in the fridge and enjoy often! xx