An open letter to my tribe

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Dear Tribe,   I’m hungry – but I don’t know what to eat. I’m unfulfilled – but I don’t know what I crave. I’ve been engaging in “intentional procrastination”; investing in me so that I can be better for you – … Continued

Why I cried this Mother’s Day

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The irony is not lost on me. But instead of hiding behind it, I’m going to share it – because honesty among mothers, among women, is one of the most refreshing and much needed qualities, amid the storm of expectation, … Continued

To do or not to do

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Hey there, Mummy.   It’s been a while. I’ve been quiet on the blog, quiet on Facebook. About the only place you might’ve been hearing my voice is on Instagram – because it’s just so, well… instant. Easy.   I’m … Continued

Less silly, more self-care

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I’ve been pondering: why is it that this time of year is so busy? Okay so it’s the end of school and that comes with its events and a round of thank yous. Yes, there’s Christmas shopping to do and … Continued

Hurts so good

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It’s hard to know what to believe these days, with so many people talking to us in every channel we consume. Granted, I’m one of the people talking, so why should you listen to me? First thing’s first: You shouldn’t. … Continued

The little elephant that solves a big problem

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My eldest daughter has just turned 5. With this milestone came a waterfall of emotion that totally blind-sided me, and a new responsibility as a mummy: to set up new school-day routines and support the next level of learning. What … Continued

An Ode to Olive and starting school

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Today is the day. A big day. And as has always been the case for me, on big days my body has woken early, my mind instantly alert to the fact that something momentous is happening today. My family chuckle … Continued

Move Body, Move Mind

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“One way to set – and keep reinforcing – a positive mindset, is to set that intention at the start of each day. Morning, when the birds start chirping and daylight peeks through your curtains, is a great time to … Continued

Music to Move To

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I was reading my favourite magazine Collective Hub, in my favourite place Whangamata and I came upon a little tidbit that’s changed my world (okay maybe not my world but definitely my mornings!).   Music with a strong beat at … Continued

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