Mother’s Day is up to you

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As that day of the year draws near, the one day of the year that’s allocated to honour Mothers, I find myself thinking of the occasion with a different perspective, and it goes against the grain.   Mothers Day is … Continued

Mum’s muesli bars

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Well actually, they’re not really Mum’s. The muesli recipe is inspired by her original one that I used to eat religiously as a kid – but she never made it into bars. These came about earlier in the week. My … Continued

Mummy, you got moxie

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I’ve been reflecting and musing on this for a week now. I’ve taken time over it because I want to do justice to my source of inspiration: my dear friend Jenene Crossan. She suffered a devastating miscarriage after undergoing IVF. … Continued

Anzac Day biscuity bites

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Did you know that women should wear their poppy on their right side? The red represents the blood of all those who gave their lives, the black represents the mourning of those who didn’t have their loved ones return home, and … Continued

I launched. And I learned.

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This time last week I was on cloud 9, cushioned, floating, buoyed by 30 breaths of fresh air from 30 wonderful women who attended my book launch. Now I’m back on terra firma, but my head is still in the … Continued

Take time to Just Be

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I’m sitting on the couch, babes in arms, listening to the sweet sound of their breathing, feeling the sweet warmth of their skin against mine, basking in a glow of love. The rain is falling outside, but the birds are … Continued

Raw cacao & berry tortes

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I just looked at my calendar. Help! I need to maximise every spare moment to get everything done. Ce la vie; the life of a working, dream-chasing mum, right!? Here’s what I saw…   Friday – littlest daughter Lily’s 3rd … Continued

My book – the back story

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This time next week my book will be released. So now seems a good time to share the back story; how this book came to be. Because, you see, I’m not a writer.   I’m a mummy with two pre-school … Continued

Double fruit drops, delish!

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Life is hectic right now as I count down to the release of my book. There’s less than 3 weeks to go and so much to do! But, I always try to find time for the things I love: food, … Continued

One yoga pose to do today

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Are you tired, mummy? Stop. Do this now. And get into the habit of doing it at the end of every day.   I am very tired after months of working on this project, Dear Mummy, getting it ready to … Continued

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