Mother’s Guilt: it’s my privilege

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  Mothers’ Guilt. I very rarely feel it. I’ve written about why and how not to feel it in my book ‘Dear Mummy You’re Important Too’. But while holidaying recently I felt it, wrestled with it and now, am reconciling … Continued

Me on wheels

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In my last blog I talked about channeling abundance.   The abundance I want is an abundance of positive energy, an abundance of the feelings I desire: my Core Desired Feelings (for those who know Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Mapping work, … Continued

An open letter to my tribe

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Dear Tribe,   I’m hungry – but I don’t know what to eat. I’m unfulfilled – but I don’t know what I crave. I’ve been engaging in “intentional procrastination”; investing in me so that I can be better for you – … Continued

Why I cried this Mother’s Day

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The irony is not lost on me. But instead of hiding behind it, I’m going to share it – because honesty among mothers, among women, is one of the most refreshing and much needed qualities, amid the storm of expectation, … Continued

To do or not to do

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Hey there, Mummy.   It’s been a while. I’ve been quiet on the blog, quiet on Facebook. About the only place you might’ve been hearing my voice is on Instagram – because it’s just so, well… instant. Easy.   I’m … Continued

Less silly, more self-care

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I’ve been pondering: why is it that this time of year is so busy? Okay so it’s the end of school and that comes with its events and a round of thank yous. Yes, there’s Christmas shopping to do and … Continued

Hurts so good

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It’s hard to know what to believe these days, with so many people talking to us in every channel we consume. Granted, I’m one of the people talking, so why should you listen to me? First thing’s first: You shouldn’t. … Continued

The little elephant that solves a big problem

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My eldest daughter has just turned 5. With this milestone came a waterfall of emotion that totally blind-sided me, and a new responsibility as a mummy: to set up new school-day routines and support the next level of learning. What … Continued

An Ode to Olive and starting school

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Today is the day. A big day. And as has always been the case for me, on big days my body has woken early, my mind instantly alert to the fact that something momentous is happening today. My family chuckle … Continued

How floating changed me

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Lately I’ve been sleeping deeper, waking easier. There are a few things at play: I’m being much more protective of weekends and for the last few haven’t opened my laptop to do any work; I’ve just read ‘The Life-changing Magic … Continued

You don’t know me. Don’t judge me.

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  Judgement. Opinions, As mums, we surely all have been on the receiving end at some point. It’s rife in our world and a hot topic after US singer Jana Kramer was slammed for her social media post about buying supermarket … Continued

The secret source of your inspiration

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The most used word by readers of my book is “inspiring”; that I’m inspiring. My gorgeous friend Anna wants to feature me as an ‘Inspiring Mum’ on her blog. I’m grateful, and so humbled. But I’ve got a little secret. … Continued

Why friends are your new family

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I love my family: my parents and my sisters; the family I grew up with. But they’re not my everything anymore, now that I’m a grown woman myself and not living inside the 4 walls of their protection. I flew … Continued

Mother’s Day is up to you

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As that day of the year draws near, the one day of the year that’s allocated to honour Mothers, I find myself thinking of the occasion with a different perspective, and it goes against the grain.   Mothers Day is … Continued

Mummy, you got moxie

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I’ve been reflecting and musing on this for a week now. I’ve taken time over it because I want to do justice to my source of inspiration: my dear friend Jenene Crossan. She suffered a devastating miscarriage after undergoing IVF. … Continued

I launched. And I learned.

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This time last week I was on cloud 9, cushioned, floating, buoyed by 30 breaths of fresh air from 30 wonderful women who attended my book launch. Now I’m back on terra firma, but my head is still in the … Continued

Take time to Just Be

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I’m sitting on the couch, babes in arms, listening to the sweet sound of their breathing, feeling the sweet warmth of their skin against mine, basking in a glow of love. The rain is falling outside, but the birds are … Continued

My book – the back story

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This time next week my book will be released. So now seems a good time to share the back story; how this book came to be. Because, you see, I’m not a writer.   I’m a mummy with two pre-school … Continued