Choc-coated candied ginger

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Oh my goody-goodness. I. Am. In. Heaven. Ginger is one of my favourite flavours, I use it in juices, baking, stir fries, desserts. So when my Aunty Anne sent some chocolate-coated candied ginger from Canada I was smitten. And then I was forlorn, after I finished (too quickly) the packet. Then my crafty mind kicked into gear and I thought ‘surely I can make my own’. And yes my friends; yes I can. Here they are. It takes a bit of work – not like my usual 10 minute whip-ups, but it’s worth it.


Not for the faint-hearted by the way – these little morsels pack a mighty zingy punch.


Choc-coated candied ginger

Makes 30-ish


Gather together 

500g fresh ginger root

5 cups water

Around 1-2 cups castor sugar

100g cacao butter

1/4 cup maple syrup

1/2 cup cacao powder


Whip up

Peel ginger

Slice using a mandolin slicer (I used thick setting)

Put ginger and water in a pot, cover and boil on a med-high heat for around 40 mins until ginger is tender

Drain ginger, reserving 1/4 cup of the liquid

Weigh ginger then measure out an equal weight in sugar

Put ginger back into the pot, together with sugar and 1/4 cup reserved liquid, and bring to a gentle boil on a medium heat for around 30 mins, stirring frequently

By now the syrup should be reduced and thick

Transfer ginger using tongs onto baking paper to dry overnight

Reserve the syrup for something else – I poached some pears with star anise and served poached pears and ice-cream with the ginger syrup over the top: another heavenly indulgence



Gently melt cacao butter over a low heat then leave to cool

Add maple syrup and cacao powder and whisk until smooth

Using a toothpick or little fork, dip each piece of ginger into the chocolate until coated, then lay on waxed grease-proof paper (makes it simple to remove the chokes when they’re set)


Store in a container in the fridge… for as long as they last! xx