Can I place a bulk order?

Yes, absolutely. The delivery fee assigned to online orders is for an order of 3 or fewer books. If you would like to order 4+ books, please contact me to arrange.


Can you sign my book?

Yes, I sign every single book that is purchased from my online store. It’s a little mark of thanks from me to you, for buying my book and supporting my work – thank you xx


Can I view the book before I buy, or buy it elsewhere?

Yes, the following retailers are stocking my book. NB: These books are not personally signed:

  • The Warehouse – Nationwide
  • Arazzo – Milford, North Shore, Auckland
  • Mama Mia’s – Milford, North Shore, Auckland
  • The Booklover – Milford, North Shore, Auckland
  • The Book Store – Takapuna, North Shore, Auckland
  • Bella Mama – Belmont, North Shore, Auckland


I have a media enquiry

I don’t have a PR team; just me. So please send me a message via my contact form. I promise it’s me at the end of it and I’ll get back to you really quickly.


Do you do speaking events

Not yet! But I certainly can. I have a background in public speaking. Unlike most people for whom public speaking is more scary than death (!!), I am up for it. Let me know what you’re thinking, and I’ll see whether I can make it happen for you. Please remember I too am a mummy and am currently on a 12-month contract which takes up 2 days of my week. But I’m loving the response from everyone to my book and this idea, so speaking could be the next step for Dear Mummy.