Hurts so good

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It’s hard to know what to believe these days, with so many people talking to us in every channel we consume. Granted, I’m one of the people talking, so why should you listen to me? First thing’s first: You shouldn’t. You shouldn’t, but you might like to. Hopefully you’ve come to know from my other blog posts that I write with your best interests at heart; to awaken and empower mums and women; to help mummies glow. Let me reassure you. Right from the get-go I have written only when inspired. My book for example, was pieced together musing by musing, in no specific order, borne not from my own need, nor anyone else’s expecations, not even a deadline; my writing comes not from motivation but from inspiration.


Today I’m inspired. The source:


a crazy kind of pain that hurts so good with prickly little spikes that – yeow! – hurt at first but then create the most woozy kind of relaxation throughout your body, help you sleep and heals pain.


The Shakti Mat. photo_blog_shakti


You may have seen it advertised. You may, as I was, be a little dubious. Can a mat really heal? Well, after using it for 3 months now I can vouch for it. Disclosure: I was gifted one by Shakti, but with no obligation to write about it. However, I’m inspired, and it’s worked so well I’ve invested my own money and bought more as gifts for Christmas.


The first time I lay on it I could only stand it for about 3 minutes.

The next night, about 5 minutes.

The next night, longer.

And after regular use for a few weeks, one night as I lay on it before bed I just about fell asleep on it. I kid you not.


Just as yoga has become my morning ritual, 10-20 minutes on my Shakti mat has become my nighttime ritual. Sometimes whilst watching TV, sometimes while talking with Hamish, sometimes in the quiet sanctuary of my bedroom. No matter how awake I am as I lie down, I always, always feel instantly relaxed, calm and sleepy when I get off it. Something happens in those 10-20 minutes. I get this feeling of lightness. It’s like my physical body is being ultra-stimulated – and my mind is very much feeling this – but at the same time, I feel like I’m floating. It’s like my body and my soul kind of separate, and then when I get off the mat, my body, mind and soul reconnect in this ‘as one, at peace’ kind of way. I know that sounds woo woo, but I don’t know how else to describe it.


At the end of a long day juggling all the balls us mummies do, the Shakti Mat is the ultimate leveller.


It’s restorative. It’s a lovely transition to sleep. And it heals. I know this to be true because a few months ago I hurt myself in my left hip/glute area while boxing. No amount of stretching helped so I lodged an ACC claim and went to physio. The diagnosis was glute med tendinopathy and a hypo-extended (compressed) sacroilliac joint. The recommendation was hands-on deep tissue massage and acupuncture plus regular rolling of that area over a foam roller at home. The expected recovery time was 4 weeks. It took 2 weeks and I’m certain it was because of the Shakti. Instead of lying with it under my back, I used the Shakti under my left glute. The pain the first time was unbearable and it referred right down my left leg, but each night I stayed on it longer and longer and as I could stand it, I added a gentle rolling motion to really work the healing power of those prickly little spikes into the glute. Oh my, it hurt so good – you know that pain that borders on pleasure? That’s what I felt: I could literally feel the tension melting away.


Last Friday I ran my first Dear Mummy workshop-style event at lululemon. It included a guided reflection on who you were and the feelings you had BC (Before Children). As memories fell into the minds and feelings were re-awakened in the bodies of the mummies attending, tears were shed by some. But there was also levity from some mums as I heard one mutter: “sleep!”. Mummies, if you’re strugging to fall asleep at night, or would like a more easeful transition to sleep; if your body is fatigued in any way, then I highly recommend the Shakti Mat. At $69 for a mat that’ll last forever, it’s affordable, it’s portable (I’ve taken mine to Queenstown and Whangamata), it’s also ethically produced. Find out more at