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Dear Mummy Quick Start


A quick start to move your mind into the right headspace: where you believe that you’re important too. A taster of the full book Dear Mummy You’re Important Too.

Product Description

If you’re feeling hard done-by, disheartened, undervalued, underwhelmed as a mummy; like you’re losing sight of yourself; or that you need a little help to get perspective and prioritise you, then you’re in the right place. Or maybe you’ve already got a positive intention, and want help to develop that. 

You’re in the right place. Dear Mummy is all about perspective – a positive one! – and it’s about your best potential as a mummy and woman.

The Dear Mummy Quick Start is for those who want a little taster of the book. It’s free: my gift to you. Because you, yes you, are important too. It’s my pleasure to be able to kick start your journey to reclaiming and restoring yourself. 

If you want more, then head over here to buy the book.