Take comfort in French onion soup

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In today’s world of wellness we’re spoiled for choice with so many innovative recipes and access to ingredients from around the world. But close your eyes and imagine a time when choice was limited; foods were local, restaurants were sparse – and it was a treat to dine out! This was a time of domesticity and familiarity.


In our busy life with all our mummy responsibilities, there is comfort in the familiiar.


There’s not much more familiar than an onion. And not much that’s more comforting to me than French onion soup (except lasagne and my mum’s homemade chicken pie). Botswana Butchery in Auckland makes the absolute best version. I’ve been known to go there for lunch, just specifically for that. But then that was pre-babies. I don’t have time to swan around Auckland City and luxuriate over restaurant lunches anymore. But I’m not martyr mummy, so over the years I’ve tried to perfect my own at-home bowl of soul food. I’ll admit, I’ve failed miserably at times (my girlfriend Renee will remember are particularly nasty rendition I served her and her husband one time). But here it is, tried-and-tested. This one’s a goodie:


Even better for us mums, this is an easy make-ahead meal. I often do it while I’m giving the girls breakfast, then re-heat at a quieter moment later in the day for a simple pleasurable mummy moment. It may seem strange to post a soup in the summer season (at least it is here down under) – but even in summer, enjoyed as a late dinner, this really is quite perfect. Bon apetit!


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Serves 1

1 brown onion, chopped

25g butter

2 teaspoons flour

1 cup beef stock (or vegetable if you prefer)

1 bay leaf

Tip: If you ever make a slow cooked beef meal, reserve the stock, chill, scrape off the fat, then freeze. Your own homemade beef stock is the best!



Melt butter in a saucepan until foaming

Add chopped onion, saute on a low heat, stirring occasionally for 20 minutes or until onion is caramelised. Be careful not to burn it

Add flour and mix through to coat onions (this helps soup to thicken)

Add beef stock and bay leaf and simmer 20 minutes to infuse flavour

To serve: grate gruyere cheese on your choice of bread, grill and serve